About the skies over Bishkek. And life on the ground.

Superman with a sweet tooth, next door

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Today was the day. After having walked by for nine days, gaze averted, looking up toward the skies over Bishkek to distract myself, I walked in. Just to look, of course. Into the cake store next door. It could have been a hardware store, next door. But fate was kinder with me. Cakes, Tortes, tarts, pies, cookies, candy.

First, a disappointment: Superman had landed here before I did.

Well, move over, tough guy. A new kid is in town. And she likes cake. Luckily,  there were plenty of leftovers:

People in Bishkek have, like Superman, a sweet tooth. Lots of cafés with sumptuous cakes, elaborately decorated, and lots of people walking through the city with cake boxes.

So I got what looked like chocolate cake:

But it was much better than plain chocolate: chocolate and nuts and rum. From the freezer. On a hot day. With a blue spoon. On the street. Delicious. For forty som (About 85 cents. Plus, three som for the spoon. Gladly). Life is good in Bishkek.

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