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Karl Marx in Suds

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Whoa, did Bishkek have fun today!

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels usually exist pretty peacefully in Bishkek, sitting quietly in a park, deeply engaged in a serious conversation about the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, about class struggles, the market, and communism.

Not today. As part of the freshmen orientation week at the American University of Central Asia, they got covered in suds. Even monuments need a good scrub once in a while. And the students of all countries united to do exactly that.

Great moment, when undergraduate students pull you back into the graduate school reading universe. So this afternoon in Bishkek, with pop music blasting and freshmen shrieking, watching the spectacle of Marx and Engels getting a bath, I found myself in deep thoughts about Andreas Huyssen’s Twilight Memories: Marking Time in a Culture of Amnesia.

And what did Lenin next door think about all the commotion? He was not fazed by any of it. Took it all in stoic fashion.

Only the deer in the nearby amusement park, where a whole new round of fun was waiting for me today, listened up.

And got a kick out of it all, just like I did.

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