About the skies over Bishkek. And life on the ground.

My Turkish Delight

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Ah, Istanbul…giving me my first cup of Starbucks bold roast coffee after four months. The one that I have been craving for four months. Bliss.


And deep thoughts. Strange, how things go: last Sunday, I went to Bishkek’s Atatuerk Park, to look at the Afghanistan War memorial. The Soviet war in Afghanistan, that is. This morning, leaving from Bishkek’s Manas Airport, I looked at the grey, massive, windowless U.S. transport planes neatly lined up, coming from/going to Afghanistan. To support the war there. The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, that is. Now, I am sitting at Starbucks at Istanbul’s Atatuerk Airport, listening to Frank Sinatra singing “Jingle Bells.” And wondering how to make sense of it all, as I am crossing the skies between Bishkek and Berlin.

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