About the skies over Bishkek. And life on the ground.

Three Days, Three Photos (plus two Salams)

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The weather is indecisive and moody these days in Bishkek. On Thursday night, while walking home from work, fine snow was falling, barely enough to cover the ground. No reason to stop someone from leaving a friendly greeting on the sidewalk. Salam to you, too, stranger!


Which reminds me of adding the other two “Salams” that have caught my attention over the past months and weeks: the films Salam Bishkek and Salam, New York, playing in Bishkek’s movie theaters:



On Friday (yes, walking home from work, again), a beautiful sunset illuminated the mountains:


And today, the first day of what feels like spring: warm and sunny. People took off their jackets. Playgrounds were busy and full of life with children having fun. And for the first time since last fall, people sat on the benches at the central Ala-Too Square, just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was the perfect day to take out the fancy convertible for a spin on (the sidewalks of) Chui Street. Safely steered via remote control by dad. The only safe car in Bishkek…


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