About the skies over Bishkek. And life on the ground.

Sweet Stuff (Or: Bishkek, a Thiebaudian Fantasy)

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How do I love thee, sweet Bishkek? Let me count the ways: The sumptuous cakes and tortes at Kulikowski and Vanilla Sky, the different pumpkin pies in the fall, the small mountains of dried fruits and the elaborately constructed towers of cookies at the bazaars, the cookies and candy at Magnolia and Karmen on Manas, the chak-chak, the cakes and pastries at the French Bakery on Kievskaia and at Bellagio‘s Pastry Shop on Bokonbaeva, the beautiful wrappers of the Russian candies (Alyonka forever!), the Easter cakes with the multicolored sprinkles, the popcorn, cotton candy, and candy apples from the street vendors, the German and Swiss chocolate section at Euro Gurmania. The icing on the cake: the many, many ice cream booths and stands on Bishkek’s streets. Where to start, describing the taste of deliciousness? And when to end eating? Since words are failing me, here is the visualization of Bishkek’s delicious sweetness, from the city where every day is a Wayne Thiebaud day:




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