About the skies over Bishkek. And life on the ground.


From August 2012 to May 2013, Susanne Wiedemann lived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where she taught American Studies at the American University of Central Asia. Before that, she had lived in Berlin, Beirut, and in quite a few places in the U.S. in between (none of which starts with a B). She taught American Studies at universities in the U.S. and in Lebanon. Susanne is interested in photography, including her own inherited family collection, and in manifestations of U.S. culture in lives, cultures, and urban landscapes abroad.
This blog’s name is inspired by a Persian proverb: “The sky is the same color wherever you go.” Or, as Susanne’s ring reads in German: “Wo immer Du hingehst, hat der Himmel dieselbe Farbe.” During the past year, Susanne scanned the skies over Bishkek and wrote about what she saw and how she made sense of it all. But mostly, she wrote about what she saw happening underneath the sky, on the ground. Back in Germany, she is trying to catch up with the many stories and photographs of the past year and to put into writing her experiences and impressions.
This blog is about life in Bishkek, but it is, in a broader sense, about the intricacies of the entwined cultures, countries, languages, histories, and encounters that have brought Susanne to Central Asia and shaped her perspectives on the world at large. As such, it is about the daily, delicate process of translation. Given that Susanne is a German who lived for altogether eighteen years in the U.S., and who learned Russian again after having put her books away for about thirty years, it would be more concise to say that this blog is about Bishkek Bischkek Бишкек.

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